rt2k6 - Korea to Britain the hard way

2006-04-23 04:21

Nha Trang

Vietnam's beach resort par excellence. Spent two days here; the first recovering from the overnight bus from Hoi An, then yesterday we hired a speedboat for fishing and snorkelling.

Fishing was a waste of time; nothing bigger than your hand, and only about six of the little bastards for three hours work. Apparently the fish bite first thing in the morning, before heading out to deeper water in the heat of the day, but it was all I could do to motivate the rest of these lot to come out at 0900, leat alone 0600. Snorkelling was grand, but would have been better if the damn fins had been big enough, or if the mask would just stop filling with water. Nha Trang is hotter even than Hoi An, and it's practically impossible to do anything outside from about 1000-1500.

Our bus to Da Lat just artrived, I have to go.