rt2k6 - Korea to Britain the hard way

2006-04-19 03:39

Hoi An

Went to the Cham ruins at My Son yesterday with Thuan and the gang, but it was far too hot to actually do anything and we all got fearsomely sunburnt. The ruins were used by both VC and American forces during the war, and consequently were bombed into oblivion - there's not a whole lot left to see. Ticket price includes a ride from the road to the start of the ruins in a real live United States Marine Core jeep left over from the war.

It was a strange parting - as soon as it came to talking about money, Thuan got very quiet and seemed a bit sad. I'm unsure whether he felt we weren't giving him enough, or if he justfound talking about money distasteful - it's certainly weird for me, since we've become quite good mates over the past few days, but that's where it comes to the crunch - this is his living.

Hoi An is Tailor Town, and everyone gets clothes made to measure here, at stupidly cheap prices. Consequently, we're spending more time here than I want to waiting for next-day clothing service.

Today we're going to wander about the old town, once the sun cools a bit, and probably get on a bus tomorrow for Nha Trang, Vietnam's premier beach resort.