rt2k6 - Korea to Britain the hard way

2006-02-27 12:47

Beijing Tag

Overnight train from Dandong was bu hao - 15 hours on a narrow, hard bunk with no headroom. Lights out at 10pm sharp, and back on at 6. Deb had a somewhat better deal on the bottom bunk as she could sit up if she wanted to.

Met Paul and Ossie in the Beijing City Central Youth Hostel, had much-needed showers and emailed Stu and Toni to meet them in the middle of Tiananmen Square, but wait we did, and show up they did not. Lots of Chinese people wanted their photo taken with us, though. Wandered the hutongs south of the square, had lunch, left a message for them at their hostel, and repaired to the bar of the BCC to meet Paul and Ossie after their 5-a-side football match against some russians. Turns out they lost 30something-10.

We loitered around waiting, but eventually had to go downstairs to book into a room - upon doing so it turns out S&T had come here and asked the front desk, who didn't know about us since we hadn't yet booked in, and left without checking the bar. Hm.

Thence to a place called the Den near the Worker's STadium, where we watched the olympic Ice Hockey final in a bar crowded with Finns and Swedes; followed by the 6 Nations Ireland v Wales. I foolishly bet against Ireland, who won very convincingly, and as punishment will have to eat something nasty, of Ossie's choosing, at some point during the trip. The only real caveat is that it has to be a bona fide foodstuff. Yummeh.

This morning I check my mail again, and it appears that Stu didn't actually get my email about Tiananmen square - he suspects gmail might be intercepted or somesuch, which doesn't sound at all unlikely. Foiled by the Great Firewall Of China!